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Are you trying to junk your car?

We accept cars in any condition, repairable or not, surplus cars and cars which are only good for parts.

Did you know you can junk your car for free, receive a tax deduction and help a charity?

Donation Line, one of the largest, most visited and respected car donation centers in America can quickly handle the donation and disposal of your auto, truck or motorcycle almost anywhere in the United States. On this site you can choose the charitable organization you want to benefit from your vehicle donation and you receive a tax deduction for your vehicle donation.

Why Donate Your Junk Car versus Selling Your Junk Car?

With government cutbacks and a weak economy charities need funds to help those in need more than ever. Donating your car is faster, safer and easier than selling your car. Please consider donating your junk car rather then selling your junk car.

Our Better Business Bureau A+ rating is a testiment to our superior level of service and integrity. Just follow the simple steps below to donate your vehicle.

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