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9th Life Hawaii

9th Life Hawaii is the only NO KILL cat rescue organization & sanctuary on Maui. Our mission is to compassionately and humanely control cat overpopulation by utilizing proven and non-lethal methods of trap/neuter/release of feral and abandoned cat colonies. When cats cannot be safely returned to their colonies, they will remain at our sanctuary until/ if a loving home can be found for them. We advocate spaying and neutering of companion animals and assist low-income families with these costs.

Categories: Animal Services
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Kaumakapili Church

Kaumakapili Church, thankful for the gifts received from God, founded in 1838 for the maka'ainana, the common folk, rich in Hawaiian tradition and diverse backgrounds, bounded in covenant with all in the United Church of Christ, led by the Spirit, declares its mission to glorify God by bearing the fruits of God's aloha and gifts and so proving to be faithful disciples of Christ who are equipped for the work of the ministry of proclaiming the good news for all people: by witnessing in word and deed by serving those in need, by welcoming and receiving all people into the church fellowship, and by nurturing and equipping the church members for the growth of the Body of Christ.

Categories: Religious
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