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Rethinking Schools LTD

Rethinking Schools is a nonprofit publisher of the reform of public schools. Our major projects include the quarterly journal, Rethinking Schools, books and other special publications, and Rethinking Schools Online. We stress a commitment to social justice with a special focus on issues of race and urban schools. We seek to promote a grassroots, activist perspective that combines theory and practice and links classroom issues to broader social concerns.

Categories: Education Services
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African American Mutual Assistance Network Inc.

The African American Mutual Assistance Network's mission is to give at-risk children of low-income families and special needs children the resources to realize the possibility of a successful and productive life. We believe the quality of the investment we make in them and their families will help to positively shape their future. These children represent the promise of accomplishing great things and deserve every opportunity to fulfull that promise without restrictions. AAMAN inspires children to learn, adults to teach and communities to move forward together.

Categories: Child & Youth Services
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Jeremiah's Crossing

To be a place where God brings individuals with special needs together with horses so they can be successful physically, cognitively, emotionally and academically.

Categories: Community Services
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Friends of The Two Rivers Senior Center

We are dedicated to providing fundraising and grant writing support. Money raised for both specific and general purposes will be donated to the Center. Funds will be used to support capital equipment campaigns, nutrition program support, recreational and educational programming. In addition, the Friends solely support the TRUST Transportation Program.

Categories: Senior Services
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Women Empowering Women, Inc. (WOW)

WOW is a non-profit organization formed to help single moms and their children in difficult life situations. Some examples of these are: domestic violence, teen motherhood, job displacement, economic disadvantage, the working poor syndrome, child care issues, continuing education challanges, and other situations that undermine a single mother's ability to support their children. WOW encourages and educates women to empower themselves and take ownership of their life direction.

Categories: Women & Family Services
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