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Groton Dunstable Education Foundation, Inc

The Groton Dunstable Education Foundation is a volunteer non-profit organization committed to enhancing the success of our public schools by providing private funding for innovative, inspiring programs and opportunities. This community driven foundation believes that each child deserves an excellent educational experience, and that supported and sucessful schools are fundamental elements of our special communities.

Categories: Education Services
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Orphaned Wildlife Rescue Center

The purpose of Orphaned Wildlife Rescue Center, Inc. (O.W.R.C.) is to humanely rescue, rehabilitate, and release orphaned and/or injured wildlife back in the wild and to educate the public about wildlife issues. We strive to serve our community by aiding in animal rescue and providing counseling to callers regarding potential wildlife issues. At O.W.R.C., our "no-kill" policy shows our dedication to save every life that comes through our doors, no matter how small.

Categories: Animal Services
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