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Billerica Cat Care Coalition

Billerica Cat Care Coalition's mission is to reduce the suffering and death of animals in our town by implementing the Trap/Neuter/Release Program for feral cats. We provide them with feeding programs, promote spay/neuter of all companion animals, educate the public on local animal issues, and offer advice/assistance to residents dealing with homeless cat situations or needing to re-home a cat. We have signed the 'Declaration of No Kill Movement in the United States' as part of our commitment to protecting adoptable animals.

Categories: Animal Services
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Feminist Women's Health Center

To empower women through service, education and advocacy by providing quality gynecological health care to women in all life stages in a respectful, emotionally supportive and safe environment; Promoting informed decision-making and participatory health care with access to the most current health information, services for all women regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability, and socioenconomic status; Advancing women's health and choices.

Categories: Women & Family Services
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Lift Every Voice and Sing Gospel Festival & Fair

Lift Every Voice and Sing's mission is to work in partnership with its sponsoring Funding Sources, Political Arena, Faith Based and Community Organizations, Education Institutions, Business and Volunteer supporters to provide an annual 'free' diverse Gospel and Inspirational Music Festival and Fair to the Greater Hartford Region.

Categories: Community Services
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Redlands First United Methodist Church

First Church is Invitational - We invite people to enter into communion with God and the community life of First Church through personal contacts, activities, events and relationship. First Church is Nurturing - We create a warm and supportive environment in our worship, gatherings and activities. First Church is inclusive - We welcome persons of diverse opinion, theology, ethnicity, and lifestyle. We expand our circles of belonging at every opportunity in every group of the church.

Categories: Religious
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