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Animal Rescue Rhode Island

Find permanent and suitable homes for animals in need, provide interim humane care for those animals and to promote the humane treatment of all animals. The League's extended mission includes organizing educational classes for children and adults, providing the community with volunteer opportunities and interaction with pets, and addressing animal-related problems in the community.

Categories: Animal Services
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Bridges Domestic & Sexual Violence Support

The mission of Bridges Domestic & Sexual Violence Support is to elimimate domestic and sexual violence and provide a safe, empowering environment for the victims and survivors.

Categories: Women & Family Services
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Fox Chase Cancer Center

Fox Chase Cancer Center's mission is to reduce the burden of human cancer. Fox Chases's activities include basic, clinical and prevention research, detection and treatment of cancer, and community outreach programs.

Categories: Disease Education / Research / Support
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Purrs & Whiskers, Inc.

To provide temporary foster care while actively seeking loving permanent living situations for individual cats, stray, free-roaming, or homeless cats. This is accomplished by providing compassion, daily nourishment, and basic wellness care.

Categories: Animal Services
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Veterans Lodging, Inc.

To connect our clients; homeless and disabled Veterans, their Spouses, and Widows with Federal, State, local, and charitable service and benefit program. This includes assistance with free meals, cash assistance, job placement, homeless lodging, and disability/widow's pension assistance.

Categories: Veterans
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