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Broken Tail Rescue

Broken Tail Rescue's mission is to rescue unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats in urgent need. We work closely with local animal control, animal shelters and rescue groups to ensure the placement of these forgotten animals. We will not discriminate on basis of health, age or breed and will only consider humane euthanasia in cases of aggression or for quality of life due to untreatable medical conditions.

Categories: Animal Services
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Marillac St. Vincent Family Services

As stewards of the Vincentian spirit, we are a Beacon of Hope. Committed to strengthening and empowering families to make changes in their lives and their communities. We fulfill our mission through quality programs for children, teens and families

Categories: Community Services
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New Britain Youth Theater

The mission of New Britain Youth Theater is to enrich the lives of children and young adults by encouraging creative thinking and collaborative teamwork, fostering self-confidence and self-esteem, and developing social and academic skills through involvement in high-quality, low-cost programs in the performing arts.

Categories: Art / Artistic / Language|Child & Youth Services
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San Antonio Youth Literacy

San Antonio Youth Literacy's mission is to to promote the literacy skills of Sam Antonio's at-risk youth. Provide opportunities for guided reading practice with a caring individual. Foster an enjoyment of reading, enhance motivation and self-esteem of children through reading.

Categories: Education Services
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Vizsla Rescue Haven

We disseminate information on this very special breed and provide a genuine historical identity of Vizslas through breeder information articles, artifacts, etc. We consider ourselves educators, preservationists, and caregivers. By providing a loving home for our 'special needs' Vizslas, the Vizsla Rescue Haven assures a long-term foster care or permanent home environment for our hard to adopt or unadoptable Vizslas. At the Vizsla Rescue Haven, love and care are the only options.

Categories: Animal Services|Community Services
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