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Carmen Pampa Fund

The Carmen Pampa Fund supports a College--Unidad Academica Campesina In Carmen Pampa, Bolivia--serving indigenous people of the tropical and subtropical provinces of NW Bolivia, providing opportunitites, through education and effective health, research and development intiatives, to ensure economic sustainability and a way out of poverty, Designated by a Sub-panel reporting to the UN as one of the seven best initiatives in the World fighting to eradicate poverty

Categories: Education Services
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Chess and Community Conference, Inc.

CCC's mission is to empower at-risk youth in the areas of academic achievement, community engagement, and critical thinking using chess as a learning tool. Our vision is to foster young leaders of the Athens community with the skills needed to compete on the global stage, as well as duplicate CCC's model throughout the state of Georgia, nationwide, and abroad.

Categories: Child & Youth Services|Community Services
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Medical Missions Foundation

The mission of the Medical Missions Foundation is to provide aid to indigent people of developing and economically depressed countries throughout the world. Our primary committment is to provide surgical and medical care for children to enhance each child's opportunity for a better life. Our secondary committment is to ensure ongoing medical care by teaching local health care providers and providing donated supplies and equipment to each area we serve.

Categories: Child & Youth Services|Disease Education / Research / Support
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Help neighborhoods and communities create sustainable green spaces for gardening, greening and education.

Categories: Environmental / Science
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