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A Place For Teens

The mission of A Place for Teens is to provide a safe environment where teens can build self esteem, learn to make healthy decisions, find positive alternatives to risky behavior and develop a growing sense of community.

Categories: Child & Youth Services
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Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary

Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary mission is to provide sanctuary to big cats confiscated by the state for illegal ownership, improper enclosures or maltreatment. We also educate the public to discourage illegal, private ownership.

Categories: Animal Services
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Chico Peace & Justice Center

The Chico Peace & Justice Center is a community-based nonprofit promoting peace and social justice through the power of nonviolence. Our core aim is building justice through peace and peace through justice. The Center works for social change through education, community building and direct action, and is dedicated to ending violent conflict among nations and individuals.

Categories: Community Services
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Georgia Transplant Foundation

Georgia Transplant Foundation's mission is to help meet the needs of organ transplant candidates, recipients and their families by providing information and education regarding organ transplantation, granting financial assistance and being an advocate for sustaining and enriching lives everyday.

Categories: Disease Education / Research / Support
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Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue

Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue(MAGSR) is dedicated to rehabilitating and providing a second chance to German Shepherds and shepherd mixes that have been abandoned, abused, lost, strayed or surrendered. Though our community outreach events around the Mid-Atlantic region, we teach and encourage responsible pet ownership and pet population control. Our all-volunteer organization works diligently to locate loving and responsible owners who wish to make their new dog(s) members of their family - forever. MAGSR remains committed to helping end the needless overpopulation, death, abuse, and neglect of dogs in our area and in improving the lives of the dogs as well as their new owners.

Categories: Animal Services
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Sionfonds for Haiti

Sionfonds for Haiti is an educational and community aid organization assisting Haitans in maintaining their families and traditional communities. We work toward self reliance and self determination for Haitian families by providing educational opportunities to children and adults, job training, job creation, livestock programs and health care. Sionfonds programs help families overcome the destitution and poverty that can destroy the integrity of family.

Categories: Community Services
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World Population Balance

World Population Balance is committed to educating the general public, policymakers, and the media about current population facts and trends, the consequences of population growth, and the benefits of stabilization.

Categories: Environmental / Science
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