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Cedar Springs Waldorf School

Cedar Springs Waldorf School's mission is to provide a Waldorf curriculum that integrates academic, artistic, physical and practical activities, work with the insights of Rudolf Steiner as a foundation to understand and meet each childs developmental needs and inspire students to reach their highest potential as free-thinking, creative human beings who have a life-long love of learning.

Categories: Education Services
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Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains

Recognized throughout New Hampshire and Vermont as a leading expert on girls. Our innovative leadership programs help girls discover, connect, and take action as they develop strong values, a social conscience, and a deep sense of self and their potential.

Categories: Child & Youth Services
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Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League

The Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League is staffed completely by volunteers. MAGDRL helps people determine the right breed of dog for their lifestyle, find healthy and companionable Danes that fill their circumstanced, find loving replacement homes for Danes they can no longer keep, become knowledgeable about the care and training of their Great Danes,resolve their Danes physical/behavior problems, overcome the grief at the loss of their loved pet, stretch their tax dollar by assuming the Dane burden from public shelters. MAGDRL helps Danes by providing for the rescue and care of those who have been abondoned, neglected and/or abused by their previous owners. We spay/neuter and provide medical treatment as necessary to return the Dane back to good health. We work to place rescue Danes to people who provide secure, loving, and healthy homes.

Categories: Animal Services
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Society for the Preservation of Roman Catholic Heritage

The Society for the Preservation of Roman Catholic Heritage is working to both preserve our sacred catholic heritage as well as promote a deeper appreciation of its unique richness and historical importance through mult-faceted program of rescue, research, community and parish education, restoration and public awareness.

Categories: Religious
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Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum

We at Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum believe that art, in its uncompromising form, has the ability to produce an environment that fosters a productive exchange of cultural ideas. Our aim is to expose the local community to global art. We realize that Sacramento population is a representation of the world globally and we desire to build networks and strengthen community through cultural exchanges.

Categories: Art / Artistic / Language
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Wycliffe Bible Translators

Our Mission is to assist the church in making disciples of all nations through Bible translation. Our vision is to see translation in progress among every language group that needs it by 2025.

Categories: Religious
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