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Who is Donation Line, LLC?

Our company, Donation Line, LLC, acts as an administrative agent for non-profit organizations seeking vehicle donations. With over 16 years of experience we administer a very specialized fundraising program where individuals donate vehicles of all sorts to our 501(c)3 non-profit charity clients. Our clients chose Donation Line to manage their Vehicle Donation Program rather than devote costly in house resources to managing their program internally. Donation Line is an accredited Better Business Bureau business with an A+ rating, the highest rating possible.

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What can I donate? accepts most auto donations, truck donations, motorcycle donations, vans, commercial vehicles, jet ski donations, snowmobiles, motor homes, buses, and even boat donations. The vehicle does not need to be running.

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Which charities will benefit from my donation?

Search Charities The non-profit organization that YOU select on the Vehicle Donation Form will benefit from your charitable donation! You may select any one of the charities on our list regardless of where you or the vehicle is located (vehicle must be in the United States).

  • Search for a Charity: Click here to search our database of charitable organizations by name, city/state or category.

  • View Complete Listing: Click here to view a complete alphabetical listing of charities, by organization name.

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Is my donation tax deductible?

Tax Deduction The charitible organizations offered on are all non-profit corporations, so your donation should be tax deductible. You will receive a formal letter from the non-profit organization certifying that you have donated the item. Please note that all vehicles are sold for the benefit of the non-profit organizations. The charities do not take possession of any vehicle.

Since each case is different, it is best to consult your tax advisor for details. To learn more about the IRS regulations governing vehicle donations, click here.

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Can I donate a vehicle that hasn't run in years?

Yes, we are able to accept most vehicles running or not, even if they have been totaled. If you lost your title, most of the time we can still accept your car. If we need a title, we'll explain how you can apply for a duplicate title. If you complete the online Car Donation Form, our towing agent will contact you within two business days to arrange pickup.

Online Vehicle Donation Form

How quickly will my car be picked up?

After you complete the online Vehicle Donation Form, we send the information directly to our towing agent. They will call you either the same business day or the following business day. Need a rush pickup? Let us know and we will try to accomodate your request.

Online Vehicle Donation Form

Is there any cost to me?

No, there is no cost to you. We pay all costs associated with towing and selling your vehicle.

Online Vehicle Donation Form

What do I need to do to make a donation?

Click here to submit the Vehicle Donation Form electronically or call us Toll-free anytime at 1-877-227-7487. You will be contacted by the towing company within two business days.

Online Vehicle Donation Form

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