Billerica Community Pantry, Inc.

Billerica Community Pantry mission is – To strive to improve and sustain the quality of life in Billerica, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Our specific objectives are to offer assistance to people … Continued

Valley Feeding Project LLC

Valley Feeding Project LLC is a Charitable Christian based Ministry helping to provide wholesome food to people on fixed and low incomes, recovery homes, church ministries, etc. for greatly reduced … Continued

BigUms Soup Kitchen

BigUms Soup Kitchen provides services in feeding, educating, rebuilding, and housing. BigUms Soup Kitchen’s mission is serving our friends in need with bagged lunches. You may be without a home … Continued

Food Services

About the cause Food services work to eradicate hunger and provide meals for those in need. Many food services, such as food banks, not only provide families with hot meals, … Continued

List of Food Services in US

Listed out the Food Services in the US that works to eradicate hunger and provide meals for those in need. Donate your car to Donation Line’s charities to ensure that no family or individual goes hungry.