Housing Services

About the cause

Housing services strive to provide affordable housing for those in need. Such causes operate on the principle that housing is a basic right and provides a foundation to move forward in life. Housing does more than allow people a place to lie their heads down at night — it also provides a sturdy foundation for personal growth.

Housing Services

The Vision

Providing affordable housing for qualified individuals. Giving people a place to lie their head down and providing a stable environment where individuals can catapult forward in life.

The Charities


Children’s Rescue Outreach International

Children’s Rescue Outreach International’s mission is to help orphans and widows around the world. A safe home with healthy food, fresh water, clothing, quality education, first aid, vaccinations and spiritual … Continued

Mercy Housing & Shelter Corp

Provides housing assistance and supportive services to persons who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Works to empower its clients to become independent so they may live and … Continued

Midway Living

Midway Living is dedicated to creating successful transitional housing programs and aftercare services that promote long term housing stability, self sufficiency and employment opportunities for individuals in need.

The Dwelling Place, Inc.

The mission of The Dwelling Place is to create transitional housing for homeless families that is more than ‘a roof over their heads.’ The program is designed to give families … Continued


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List of Top Rated Housing Services in the US

Check out the list of top rated Housing Services in the United States that strive to provide affordable housing for those in need. Visit Donation Line to know more about these charities!