Why (and Where) Should You Donate Your Junk Car?

Do you currently have a junk car just rotting away in your garage or parking space? Maybe sometimes you’ve wondered what you should do about it, with the usual options relegated to repairing it by buying new parts or selling the entire vehicle altogether at a discounted price. While these choices are okay, have you ever thought about donating your junk car instead?

A junk car or a scrap car is a vehicle that is either significantly damaged or too old to use anymore. While some people might prefer to have it repaired by slowly replacing the damaged parts, sometimes the repair costs are too pricey to justify the action. It’s usually more cost-effective to sell the car’s parts that are still working.

If your automobile is already qualified as a junk car, you might be thinking of a way to get rid of it from your property. After all, you will need the extra space if ever you wanted to buy a new car. Instead of junking the car and its parts, why not donate it? There are plenty of benefits in donating a junk car, and we’ve listed a few examples for you here:

You Get Free Towing Services

Normally, you’d have to pay for car removal services if you want professional assistance in getting your car towed from your own property. Even if you sell your car for scrap metal, it’s unlikely that your profit will be enough to cover the towing fees. On the other hand, when you donate your scrap car to charity, the charity institution usually comes to pick up your car for free, provided of course you are in the US.

You’ll Free Up More Space

Junk cars take up a lot of space, and they’re not exactly nice to look at either. Due to their current state, it’s physically impossible for you to move them once they’re parked or stored in a particular location unless you pay for towing services. This means that you’re stuck with a junk car taking up a lot of space in your garage or parking area that could better be used to store other things (like a new car) or for other activities.

Once you’ve decided to donate your broken car, your charity institution will make sure that the scrap car is immediately removed from your property at a schedule that is favorable to you. The sooner you choose to get that old, non-working junk car out of your garage, the sooner you’ll be able to use the space it leaves for better purposes.

You Receive Possible Tax Deductions

If you choose to send your vehicle to a 501-C3 non-profit charity, you will be eligible to receive a tax deduction for your junk car donation. Once your junk car has been recycled or sold for parts, the receipt will be sent to you to reflect the sale amount which you can then use for next year’s taxes as a deduction claim.

You can also adjust the tax deduction claim depending on the sale amount. For instance, if your old automobile sells for less than $500, you can adjust its fair market value up to exactly $500. If your car sells for $500 or more, then you can simply claim the exact amount as your tax deduction for the following year. That’s a lot of monetary gain from a simple scrap car removal.

You Won’t Have to Worry About the Car’s Condition

When you sell a junk car for parts, you have to think about which parts are still working enough to fetch a decent value from the scrap shop. You’ll need to check for rust damage, scratches and bumps on the body, and other conditions so you can price the parts accurately.

If you choose to donate your car, you won’t have to worry about its condition because the receiving institution will most likely accept it regardless of how worn out or damaged it is.

Why (and Where) Should You Donate Your Junk Car?

A Final Word on Donating Your Junk Car

If you’re looking for a quick junk car removal process, the best way to reap the most benefits is by donating it. Charities can use your car donation more than ever now that changes in tax laws have caused significantly fewer donations of cars and other gifts. Aside from helping yourself, your junk car donation will also help your chosen charity effectively fulfil their goals.

Once you’re sure that you wish to donate your junk car to charity, give us a call at Donation Line. Donation Line is an accredited Better Business Bureau member with an A+ rating, and can surely help you with all aspects of the vehicle donation process. If you have any questions regarding car donation, feel free to visit our FAQs section.

Donation Line will pick up your car from almost anywhere in the United States for free. Complete the Online Vehicle Donation Form and we’ll make sure that your car donation is completed quickly and efficiently for everyone’s benefit.

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