Junk Car Removal in Montgomery

Donation Line LLC purchases all vehicles in Montgomery, including trucks, cars, sports utility vehicles, vans and mini vans. We make it fast and hassle free by coming to you and paying you on the spot. There is no charge for towing or anything else.

Donation Line will pick up your car from virtually any location in the Montgomery, AL area, including your home, body shop, repair shop, place of employment or other location. As long as your vehicle is complete we will take it in any condition. The better the condition the more we pay.

Selling your car in Montgomery the old fashion way is nearly impossible if it has issues. There are auto classified ads in local paper, but those don’t always lead to serious potential buyers as well as bringing some undesirable people to your home. Some of these print ads can be expensive and a waste of time and money if your car has problems. There is no point paying to advertise or even listing it for free if your car is junk or has significant problems. People looking at these ad are looking for cars they can drive away today. Be honest with yourself, regular people don’t want to buy your problem or junk car in Montgomery. All is not lost, however, if you’ve said to yourself, “Its time to sell my car in Montgomery.” There are online junk car buyers like Donation Line that offer fast cash for junk cars in Montgomery. This is comforting if you’ve just asked yourself, “I need to sell my car in Montgomery, but whom can I trust to buy it?” Donation Line is going to make sure everything is on the up-and-up.

Offering cash for junk cars, Donation Line buyers afford Montgomery area car owners the opportunity to get rid of an old car without the hassle of advertising the car in the sell car ads, sifting through a pool of potential buyers — if anyone is interested in purchasing the vehicle at all, that is — and then haggling over the vehicle’s price. That’s a lot of hassle just to sell a car in Montgomery. Offering free vehicle pick-up over and above cash for junk cars in Montgomery, Donation Line buyers provide sellers with an easy market for their car.

How It Works

How can Donation Line offer cash for any car in any condition in Montgomery? It’s very simple. Here’s how the process works:

  • 1. You have a junk car, old car, damaged car, a car not worth putting more money into or just no longer need the car and you decide it’s time to sell it.
  • 2. You call Donation Line at 877-227-7487 or complete the Request A Quote Now form.
  • 3. You’ll provide us with some basic information about the vehicle and our trained operators will provide you with an offer for the vehicle.
  • 4. If you say “yes lets do it” we’ll have our towing agent contact you within 1 business day to schedule fast free pick up. Donation Line serves the entire Montgomery, AL area.
  • 5. One of our trained and insured auto removal specialists will arrive at your location to collect your vehicle and you’ll get paid on the spot.
  • 6. Your old car will be handled professionally as it enters the next phase of its life whether its salvaged or repaired and resold.

Before They Pick Up Your Car

Before the vehicle is removed from the premises and towed away, you must remember to remove your personal belongings from inside the auto. In addition, you will be asked to remove the license plates, which must be returned to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Also, if the vehicle is registered, remember to contact your insurance company to cancel the policy on your car.

Don’t let that eyesore sit on your property any longer! Get cash for old cars and trucks with Donation Line’s car disposal program.