Donation Line proudly accepts vehicle donations for Peace, Love & Paws. We have towing agents in all areas of the United States ready to pickup your car donation ASAP. Non-Running, junk and salvage cars are also accepted. In addition to auto donations we accept donations of boats, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, planes and real estate.

Often, people have said that you shouldn’t have a pet if you can’t afford one. But we believe differently, as we know how important pets can be to our physical, emotional and mental health. In addition to many others who are financially disadvantaged, there is a large Denver homeless and indigent population who have pets….and they love their fur-children as much as anyone else! For many in this community, their pets are their only companions….they provide the unconditional love they often don’t receive in the community as a whole, so quite often, their moms and dads will forego their own needs in order to care for their pets’ needs. Their fur-children are well-loved and deserve proper veterinary care, as they have no control over their circumstances and to whom they belong. Because their parents are often not able to afford veterinary care and often just simple pet needs, we provide basic wellness care, vaccines, pet supplies, bathing and grooming, nail trims, sanitary clips and ear cleanings, and address minor health concerns.

We hope to open a full-service facility in the next several years that will provide more services including diagnostics such as heartworm testing, bloodwork, x-rays, hospitalization if necessary and surgeries/dentals for pets of those who are homeless, indigent or economically disadvantaged. We hope to be able to help anyone who needs it, regardless of their financial means or ability to pay.

Car Donation to Charity

Simply complete our Online Vehicle Donation Form or call us Toll-free at 1-877-227-7487 anytime, seven days a week to start our no cost, no hassle car donation process. Phones are answered by our experienced and trained operators. You will be contacted by our towing agent who will arrange a speedy pickup. The towing agent will provide a pickup receipt and the charity you select will send you a tax deduction letter.

Donate Your Vehicle

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