What Is Kelley Blue Book Value?

Do you know anybody who wants to sell junk cars for cash? There are online junk car buyers who are offering to buy junk cars for cash and some of them mention the Kelley Blue Book. If you want to sell a good running car, you will find the Kelley Blue Book to be an indispensable tool to help you determine the price of a good car. Its value is limited when selling a junk car or vehicle with mechanical or cosmetic problems. Let’s take a look at how you can use the Kelley Blue Book for selling cars.

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Finding the Right Method for Valuation

When anybody needs to sell a car, the most important step is to calculate the value of the car. By knowing the value of your car, you will be able to negotiate with junk car buyers in an objective manner. On the Internet, there are car buyers who offer to purchase junk cars for cash. If you want to sell your car online, how do you know that you are getting a fair deal? Selling junk cars online is definitely very convenient but at the same time, it’s essential to know that the valuation is fair. Among all methods applied for estimating the valuation of junk cars, the Kelley Blue Book valuation method is of little value. The Kelley Blue Book, NADA Guide and Edmunds are not intended to value a junk car or a car with serious mechanical or body damage. They are good at valuing used cars which are running and have no problems or relatively minor mechanical or cosmetic issues. Such as needing brakes, new tires or having minor dings and scratches. Once you get into serious body damage and mechanical issues they are not useful. The best method of valuing your junk car or a car not worth fixing is to see what the market is offering. This is where the on-line buyers are a great resource. Request a Quote from 3 or 4 online buyers and you will have a good idea of your car’s value.

History of Kelley Blue Book

Founded by Les Kelley in 1918, the Kelley Car Company’s business model was to buy old cars and resell the cars for a profit. In time, the company became the most renowned car dealing organization. It’s reputation was enhanced by the innovative approach in the used car business. Soon, Kelley adopted a unique method of placing values on used cars, and he became famous for his accurate judgment and calculation. Every dealer in the industry began to refer to his list which contained the valuation of every model of car based on the condition of the used car. It was then that the first Blue Book of Motor Car Values came into existence.

Calculation of Valuation

Before you sell a good working car, you should consult the Kelley Blue Book. Here are the steps to determine the value of your current car.

  1. Visit the official website of Kelley Blue Book. The link is provided below.
  2. After accessing the site, run the cursor over the “Car Values” tab and click on “What’s my current car worth?”
  3. The next step is the “Tell Us Which Car You Own” section so all you need to do is to fill out some basic information like “Year”, “Make”, “Model”, and “Mileage”. Then, you are required to enter your zip code.
  4. After this, you have to enter your car’s specifications in terms of engine, transmission, braking and traction, steering, and so on.
  5. On the next page, you will get the trade in or sell values.

This is a very authentic source for people who want to sell a good running car. After consulting the Kelley Blue Book, you will be able to sell your car with greater confidence. Depending on the make and model of your car, other information may be required to formulate a more accurate reading. Another option is to browse different vehicles to get an estimated valuation of used cars.

Valuable Information for Sellers

The determination of actual value of the good used car is integral if you want to sell your car online. Through the Kelley Blue Book Guide, the car owner is able to know whether the price offered by car buyers is fair or not.

  • NADA: Another place to research used car prices.
  • NADA vs. KBB: An article comparing the NADA guide, Black Book and Kelley Blue Book.

Negotiation Process

After determining which online junk car buyer is offering the best deal, you may enter into negotiations with the car buyer. In most cases, you will be required to fill out an online form or provide details over the phone about the vehicle. After receiving the quotation from the buyer based on the condition of the used car, the person who is selling junk cars has to decide if there’s a deal to be made. Once you make the deal the online buyer will have his towing agent contact you to arrange pickup. With Donation Line you will be paid at the time of pickup.Call us Now at 877-227-7487 to receive your offer.