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A car in need of extensive repairs that cost more to fix than it is worth presents an opportunity to make money by selling it as a junk car. As an online junk car buyers, we will purchase the vehicle, pick it up and haul it away for you. Selling junk cars is not a hard process as long as you know what to expect. Learning how to sell my car online fast can get the vehicle off your property and allow you to make money in the process.

Appropriate Paperwork

Each state has specific requirements for junk car disposal, so you will need to check with your local department of motor vehicles first to ensure the vehicle meets state requirements for selling junk cars. Or just contact us at 877-227-7487, we know what to do. Once you have this information, including the title or registration information readily available, the process of selling your junk car online is process easy and simple.

To junk a car, you must be the owner of the scrap car, or have a signed title authorizing you to junk a car. If you are the owner of the car, but don’t have a title, you may need to obtain a copy from your local department of motor vehicles or have a current or expired registration showing ownership.

Condition of the Car

Most online junk car buyers want an intact car — which means it must have all or a majority of its parts on the vehicle. Cars without engines or transmissions have little to no value if the body is also wrecked, so verify the condition of the car before finding out the car’s current value. Answer all the Request A Quote questions accurately for an honest quote.

Those selling junk cars are encouraged to explore their options and find the right online junk car buyer with the best offer. To make the process as convenient as possible for our customers, we offer junk car removal and will haul away the vehicle to make the junk car disposal easy and hassle-free. If your saying to yourself sell my car online fast then you should complete our Request A Quote form or call us toll free at 877-227-7487 Now.

Next, get everything you own out of the car. Remove all personal belongings and clean the car of any trash. Place available registration and title information in a secure location in the car, such as the glove box. Place the keys to the car with the title and have them ready when the junk car buyers representative comes to collect the vehicle.

If the car is still registered and can be driven, you can make more money by driving it to the junk car buyers salvage yard or lot. Cars sold as junked cars offer the chance to recycle your vehicle appropriately. Many junk car buyers can use the scrap metal and junk yards often sell the working parts to consumers.

To find out more about junking a car and the price we will pay complete the Request A Quote form or Call Now at 877-227-7487.